Tobeva Software

Founder: Philip Winston

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2024 Availability

Available for full-time or contract opportunities starting mid-summer.


I started Tobeva Software in April 2020 to do consulting and contracting in cloud data pipelines, high-performance systems and computer graphics.

I had two contract positions during COVID. The first was with Chan Zuckerberg working on napari, a multi-dimensional image viewer for Python. The second a music-game called ToneStone, by the former project lead of Guitar Hero. After those I returned to working full-time, but I’ll be available for full-time, contract, or consulting opportunities starting around mid-summer 2024.

I work remotely from my home in Winchester, Virginia but I can easily drive into the Washington D.C. metro area including Ashburn, Reston, and Loudoun.

Please drop me a line at or on Twitter @pbwinston.