Podcast hosting and guesting

The podcast and YouTube software development scene is very active. When I was growing up network TV had content like news, lifestyle, educational, parody, but only at the most generic national level. Today every niche can have a similar range of content. Some is serious, some is frivolous, and there’s a broad spectrum in between.

Software Engineering Radio

I’ve been a volunteer host on the “SE Radio” podcast since 2021. Each volunteer produces and records five shows per year. The show releases new episodes weekly, since there are around ten volunteer hosts at a time.

These are some of the shows I’ve hosted, for the full list see my page on the Software Engineering Radio Podcast site.

Backend Banter

In January 2024 I was a guest on Lane Wagner’s Boot.dev podcast called Backend Banter. My episode was focused on my 2020 article Brain Oriented Programming about a specific way OOP can go bad: your objects are not themselves object-oriented. I later interviewed Lane on SE Radio #608:

Whiskey Web and Whatnot

I’m scheduled to record an episode of Whiskey Web and Whatnot this summer. If that goes through and gets aired I’ll add the link here. The show contains a mix of whiskey tasting, casual chatting, and technical stuff. It’s front-end focused, but sometimes they discuss people’s careers or “whatnot”.